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PayPal fees

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PayPal fees

My customers pay me with debit or credit cards either in person (via my card reader) or from their phone by looking up my PayPal account under my email address.

Why do I receive 100% of some of the payments and fees are taken out of other payments?

How are the fees calculated? 

Volunteer Advisor

Re: PayPal fees

Depends on the method the customer choose to pay you - if you're not sending invoices and allowing the customer to simply send you money via your email address, if they choose the option for "Friends and Family" and use money from either their bank account or PayPal Account Balance - there's "no" fees.   If the customer uses a credit card or selects "Goods and Services", there are fees.  If you send an invoice there are fees.  If you're using PayPal Here there are fees.  And if you have a Business Account and send a PayPal.ME link, there are fees.

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