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How to receive money without fee (Indian)

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I know, Indians are not able to accept GIft payment and usually every transaction costs fee.

But recently I have received payment from and maxbounty and I see they I received full payment without any fee.

How is this possible? Please tell me, what do I have to tell my client so that I get the full money.



How to receive money without fee (Indian)

I know this comment is not helpful, sorry. I am just commiserating with you that NO payment or income to you EVER misses being bitten out of by the greedy owners of PayPal. I have, however, purchased a couple items online and paid the vendor the full amount via my PayPal account. I did not see a percentage taken out of it. I assume that this transaction acted exactly like a debit-card transaction, and there are not 'fees' attached to debit-card deductions. I presume that there are laws preventing tacking on fees to make a purchase - or PayPal and banks would do it!
The only way I know of to get yourself paid the full amount you need including the PayPal fee is to go into your website and change (raise) your fees to cover the amount you lose each transaction; Which unfortunately means that PayPal will get an even bigger fee from the new price! But in the competitive world of e-commerce, that could also mean a bad decline in your business.

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