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Data needed for IRS Audit

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Data needed for IRS Audit

Hi - My business is under IRS audit currently and I need to access activity download files for the calendar years 2012 - 2015. Right now using Activity Reports I can only go back 3 years which means as of today (2/9/2018)  I can only get data as far back as 2/10/2015. I need earlier data going back to 1/1/2012. How do I get access to this data?


Thanks in advance for your help.



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Re: Data needed for IRS Audit

What you can do is download or export your Transaction History, here's how:

* Login to your account.
* Click "Activity"
* Under "Simple" "Detailed"
* Click on "Statements"
* Click on "Activity export"
* Select "Custom Date Range"
* Select your "From" and "To" Dates
* Under File Types for Download - Select "Comma Delimited - All Activity"
* Click "Download History"

What this process does is export your history to a CSV file, you can then use an app like Excel to sort, view, create and print your own reports.