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Bank Account Disappeared

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Bank Account Disappeared

I was trying to buy something online and was gonna use my bank account option to pay for it, instead of my credit card option, and I noticed it wasn't there. I saw that if you have a failed transaction it removes the bank account, and sure enough I check my email and there was one saying one failed so it was removed. But I have a couple of questions. 1. Why did it fail if I had more than enough money to pay for it? 2. How do I get it back and prevent this from happening again? The email says to confirm with my bank to make sure its right, but I don't know what it means by saying confirm with your bank, and I don't know where to go from there. 


My Bank is First Midwest if that helps. 

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Re: Bank Account Disappeared

ThIS IS A MEMBER FORUM,we cant look into your account.

you can ask them on twitter or facebook