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All of a sudden eBay/PayPal wants me to ship while money on hold, without giving me shipping funds!


All of a sudden eBay/PayPal wants me to ship while money on hold, without giving me shipping funds!

Ok so I'm a new eBay seller, just started selling in mid 2017. I have a lot of friends who use eBay and all of them have all of their money held ever since they started, so when I made my first sale and immediately got my money via PayPal I was super surprised. I figured it was because I have good (well not good, just not bad either, I'm in my 20s, no real credit usage yet) credit. I have been selling for months now, mainly in collectables and electronics. All payments until now have been released instantly on PayPal. But today I sold something I normally do not sell, a musical cymbal. And PayPal tells me the money is being held to secure the transaction or whatever. I had no problem with that, well not at first anyway. I know musical instruments are more risky than most items, due to their high costs, and this is the first musical instrument I've ever sold, the problem is its also one of the most expensive-to-ship items I've ever sold. And they hold the entire payment, meaning I have to pay for the shipping too, then wait 7+ days to get a refund? I don't understand this, is there any way I can get eBay to let me buy a shipping label with the money given to me by the buyer. I cannot afford the high price of the shipping. Normally I ship with USPS Priority Flat Rate or USPS First Class, but this item is obviously too big to ship using those methods. If I call PayPal, can they somehow let me use the shipping money to buy a label, thats all I want a shipping label to ship it out, they are free to create it themselves and just send me the label which I will print, I don't mind waiting for the profit.

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Re: All of a sudden eBay/PayPal wants me to ship while money on hold, without giving me shipping fun

Hello @nitewar95! Fortunately, you can wait to ship the items once the funds are available - which, for held funds, it would be available in 21 days. It can be sooner than 21 days if you follow the instructions sent to your email from PayPal. You should ship the item if PayPal says that it's ok before the funds are available - that information is within the "Transaction details."


Also, PayPal will always hold your funds if the payment you received is unusual. Example: selling a high risk item, such as a boat or house, when you normally sell T-Shirts or you have a order of $1,000 when you normally have a order for $24. I would strongly recommend contacting the buyer and let them know what's going on including that you won't be able to ship until on or after the 21 days. Good luck!

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