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6 Month Return Policy - Buyer Protection


6 Month Return Policy - Buyer Protection

It seems like Paypal is treating every transaction like a Credit or Debit Card Purchase. On purchases that are paid through Paypal directly there's no reason to apply a 6 month blanket return policy. Paypal is adopting a policy that the Credit Card Companies have instituted so they can profit off the held funds. Plain and simple.


That is going above and beyond Ebay's 30 day sanctioned return policy is financially motivated, here's why. While CC Companies do their investigation which can take months, the payee isn't debited for the transaction amount until a final decision has been rendered. Ebay however holds the money and puts it in an interest bearing escrow account which they use to extend credit to users who have good credit. 


This protocol helps offset cost incurred by Paypal to banking institutions when buyers dispute a purchase while initiating a chargeback. 


Initially Credit Card Companies instituted a 6 month chargeback policy to protect consumers from shady retailers who may be in buisiness today but closed shop the following day.  It's like having a guaranteed warranty for 180 days...granted most manufacturers afford consumers 1 Year Warranty from time of purchase.  


Further some products may have limited warranties for things such as car parts that is as long as you own the product - you're covered. Some warranties are most often not transferrable. 


Additionally, warranties may only cover parts and not services. To deal with companies that don't honor their warranties, a 180 money back guarantee is about the best outcome one can hope for.


Alternatively while time consuming and somewhat costly, there's always the people's court or the state attorney who will offer assitance with auto related purchases as each state has lemon laws that car dealerships hate.


In most service related chargebacks, the claim only has to be circumstantial. If it rises to level of beyond a reasonable doubt, then expect a short investigation. 


Tangible goods are very much questionable as many in the forum have eluded to - vintage and antiquities items should not be covered for more than 30 days given the fragile nature. In all goods related cases, you must return the item before receiving a refund.  However, International transactions are grossly unfair to sellers.  Paypal will often find in the favor of the buyer while allowing them to keep the merchandise, particularly if the buyer is in the US and the seller from China.  Amazon does this too.   


This is the case sometimes as well when the buyer claims the item to be a fake or not genuine/real. 


Good news for sellers, the buyer only has 10 days after opening a claim to provide tracking, and there is an appeal option which when provided evidential facts, the seller can claim the item was not returned in original condition.  Sellers are protected against chargebacks when all of the conditions for seller protection have been met to include validated tracking/delivery to exclude Real Estate Transactions, Automobiles, et.


It may take several months, and while the case may get closed and re-opened by Paypal because they are on the hook to pay your loss, you will eventually get your funds returned to you.