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pending payment

New Community Member

pending payment

i recently sold a digital image and now its telling me that the payment is pending. I check the details of the payment and there are options that say mark as shipped or mark as processed. Do i mark it as processed? my account isnt verified because i dont have a bank. i have already sent them the image they purchased.

Volunteer Advisor

Re: pending payment

You didn't ship it, so you can't mark it shipped.  Perhaps processed.

In the end, however, it isn't likely to matter as you won't have seller protection for a digital item.  Pending payment means it was an eCheck and the money needs to clear or, more likely, there is a problem with the buyer's payment that PayPal is investigating.


For physical products one should never ship until the payment clears.

Since this was a digital there would be no seller protection but it would still be wise to wait until payment is confirmed.

I suspect that the payment will fail.