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paypal credit

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paypal credit

Originally when i signed up for paypal credit, it was by accident when trying to checkout. i declined the option to get the physical credit card sent out to me. i have used the paypal credit payment option online and i love it. i am trying to get the physical card, however i cant seem to find the option anywhere on my account. can anyone help?


Re: paypal credit

Hi bubblyb,


Welcome to the community!  I'm glad to hear that the PayPal Credit option is working well for you.


Apologies for any confusion as the PayPal Credit account does not have a physical card option.  Perhaps you were seeing our pages mention the PayPal Debit MasterCard or the PayPal Prepaid Card?


These are physical cards but they are not tied to any sort of credit offering.


There is also the PayPal Extras MasterCard which we offer through another banking partner.  This is a separate card/account from PayPal Credit.  I'm afraid if you already have the PayPal Credit account linked to your PayPal account, it would not be possible to also use the PayPal Extras MasterCard as well.  We only allow one credit based PayPal account per PayPal account.


I hope this helps to clarify. Smiley Happy

- Frank

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