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ebay or paypal problem !!!!! asking me to confirm my credit card

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hello there 

yasterday while i was trying to buy a prudect in ebay in check n paying ...ebay asked me to go to pp n confirm my cc 

while my cc is confirmed n my account verfied 

2 days sellers waiting n i 

tried to call them but after over 60min on the line seems they dont care abt memebrs ...every one kicking me to another department n so on until someone said to me that i need to wait 24 hour to remove u from securty database !!!

n still waiting seems no one can help ....

tried to add my cc security number again n again 

but nothing changed 

im here trying to find someone to help !!!anyone who encountred this problem before tell us what he did to solve it ...

thnx 🙂 


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