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What's this charge?

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What is this charge on my bank statement? I have this number showing up on my bank statement: DEBIT CARD DEBIT PP*BOBBENDERPR 402-935-2244 CA It's for the amount of $64. what is this? please help

What's this charge?

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It looks like you made a debit card purchase to a company named BOBBENDERPR at the listed phone number.  Thje phone number is on the statement so all you really need to do search information on the phone number.  There are multiple reports where that phone nubmer shows up on band statemetns (debit or bank echeck) associated with multiple company names.  Conclusion is that it is a fraudulent charge.


There is a  LOT of information available ont he internet; that's the first place I looked.  If done your research for you.


The very first thing you should have done after searching your debit card receipts is made an extremely urgent call to your bank.  The sooner you report to the bank the greater chance of recovery.  Posting on the forum rather than doing your own research first is a serious delay whenit comes to bank fraud.


I would also add that you should make sure there are no virus or malware programs on your computer which could compromise your computer security.  You sould also makes NO ONE ELSE has access to your computer and credit cards.

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