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Sending money to korea

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Sending money to korea

I am trying to send money to South Korea. But when i was reading the internationalcurrency section there waant a korean currency. How do the person receive the money in korean currency when i sen it in american currency? Also how do i calculate the fee??
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Re: Sending money to korea



Why not send in the currency of the country you are sending to??


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Re: Sending money to korea

Is that possible?? Can you teqch me how to do it??!! And how much will the fee be??

Re: Sending money to korea

Hi Jiwon,


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I'm sorry to report that South Korean currency is not supported with PayPal. Smiley Sad  I hope this is something we can add in the future.  This means you would need to send the payment in USD or another supported currency.  We have more information about PayPal fees and currency exchange fees here:

and here:


I hope this helps Smiley Happy


- Frank

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