Seller stole their money back.


I was owed money by someone for services I did and completed.  He suggested using paypal so he could use his credit card.  I thought that was fine.  I gave him my info and he sent the payment.  All was good.  Then two weeks later he claims fraud on his card.  The payment is reversed.  I have proof that is was not fraud and that he authorized the payment.  I submitted all of this info to paypal.  Never got a response and the money was reversed within minutes of me submitting my side of the claim.  Is there anything I can do? Does paypal have the ability to deny a credit card fraud reversal sent from his actual bank?  I feel violated.  This money was stolen from me and it seems like paypal didnt even care what I had to say.  What he did was illegal.  Claiming fraud on something that wasnt...


Is there anything I can do?  I just want to know why it was reversed without looking at my side.  I can not even get paypal to respond to my emails.  The website says it will review cases for 10 case was completed in 1 day..minutes after I submitted my response to the claim.


I dont feel safe having money in my account anymore.  Does this mean I can buy something on ebay, use paypal, then claim fraud illegally, steal my money back, and keep their item?!  No? Well it just happened to me.  Be careful everyone.  





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Dear Todd,

Did Paypal ever help you get your money back and on what day did all this happen?  I'm so frustrated with paypal too because they always freeze my acct and make me send copies of my drivers license and SS card and proof of residence. Then they tell me to fax in all the info but there's no fax number.  So I have to dig for the fax number just to be told I have to call Customer Service.  Then I have to wait on hold for 15 min just to get the flippin' fax number.  I'm getting so mad about all this garbage.  I'm going to wire money for $10 next time.

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