Refund to me what I have in my paypal account.

Every since this past Tuesday, I have been very upset with PayPal prepaid, I never been redirected back and forth between PayPal master card customer service and paypal so much until til I was seconds from bring in tears. I had a winning customer on eBay, that bought my LV purse. The transferring of the customer paying me went great, and I have the funds in my account. But... When I went into my paypal account to try to transfer the funds from the customer on to my paypal debit master card, all he'll broke loose, because I was explained to log into my account , go to PayPal money tranfer( so I can tranfer my money to the prepaid card, it didn't wrk, I call customer service at PayPal prepaid MasterCard, they kept redirecting me to log in which was not working at all!! I was sooo frustrated until now I'm Done with dealing with PayPal. Not to mention they do not have ppl that speak fluent English . No I just want to no what are the steps for me to get my money my money out of my paypal account so I can be done with this. I was informed that I can have a check sent to me for the money I have in my account. My refund would take about 1week so they say. I just need help with this, somebody! Eny body!!
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Unfortunately parts of our post are not totally clear.


There are multiple ways to add money to the PayPal Prepaid Card, however you cannot use the funds in your PayPal Account Balance.  Below is what you can do:

  1. Direct Deposit: Direct deposit is the easy and free way to add all or part of your pay check or government payment to a PayPal Prepaid Card. You must enroll in direct deposit in order for your card account to receive these electronic deposits. LEARN MORE
  2. NetSpend Reload Network: Our reload network is nationwide. There are more than 100,000 convenient locations where you can add money to your card account. It's easy to find the locations nearest to you:
    1. When you enroll in our real-time alerts service, just text your ZIP code to 22622 and we'll instantaneously respond with the nearest location (text messages are subject to fees charged by your carrier).
    2. Visit and use our RELOAD CENTER LOCATOR. There is no fee to use this online locator service.
  3. Bank Transfers: If your PayPal Prepaid Card account is linked to your PayPal Account, you can add money from virtually any U.S. bank account. If you have a checking or savings account, or a bank debit card, use it to add money to your PayPal Prepaid Card account. This service is an online service only.
  4. Tax Refunds: Tell the Internal Revenue Service, and your state and local tax authority to electronically deposit your refund to your PayPal Prepaid Card account. Shorten the waiting time even more by e-filing your tax returns. LEARN MORE
  5. Reload Packs: This method of value loading is convenient when you don't have your card with you. Reload Packs are available at many retail locations. Visit and use our RELOAD CENTER LOCATOR to find those locations. There is no fee to use this online locator service.


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