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Refund held for 18 days?

New Community Member

Refund held for 18 days?

A seller refunded my payment just a few hours after it was processed and PayPal is still holding my money after 18 DAYS!  This has gone on long enough.


The original payment was made with funds that were already in PayPal, not a CC or bank account.


I insist that this be corrected immediately.


Authorization ID: 4WA07329J3883181T

Date:   Apr 10, 2014

Time:   21:05:33 PDT

Status:   Pending  

Authorization Expiration Date:   May 10, 2014 21:05:33 PDT


Held Refund ID: 7UJ58592PW854711B

Date:   Apr 10, 2014

Time:   21:05:33 PDT

Status:   Placed

We'll complete the refund as soon as your original payment is processed by the bank.


NOTICE: A bank was not involved, only PayPal. Please release the hold right away.


Frequent Advisor

Re: Refund held for 18 days?

Unfortunately insisting here won't benefit your issue.  As this is a member to member help group, we cannot resolve issues such as this. No one here has access to user account details or transaction history.  Holds can be a difficult topic and there's various reasons, for example, you're a new user or your account is not verified or the seller or merchant or you have as consistant history of disputes, claims or refunds.  PayPal can actually hold one's funds up to 21 days.


All we can do is suggest that you have to contact customer support direct, this can be done via email, phone or through Twitter @AskPayPal or via Private Message on their Facebook page at