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Problems with payment request

New Community Member

Problems with payment request

Hi, can anyone help me regarding a payment request I have sent to a customer,she isn't receiving this from PayPal even though it says on my end that it was sent twice, has anyone else ever had this problem?


Re: Problems with payment request

Hi MissyC1,


Welcome to the community!  Most of the time when we see this happens it's because the customer's email account is blocking emails from PayPal.  This seems to happen more often with certain email providers like Yahoo.


I recommend asking her to check her junk mail folder to see if the email is there or check her email settings to ensure PayPal emails are on block list.


Another quick option may be to use to send her your payment link in an email from your own email address.  That might be a good work around if it's just a simple money request but if it's a detailed invoice, that probably won't work as well unless you want to recreate the invoice details manually in an email.


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy


- Frank

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