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PayPal Credit problems

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It seems my proplems started a couple of days ago with paypal credit. I have cart full of what I want and when I try to check out using my paypal credit it says that a merchant has declined my payment. I think this is silly, so I try again and I get the same error message. I call ebay and explain my issue. They want to look in my cart and of course there is nothing there...I haven't started to pull out my hair YET! During my conversations with ebay customer service I have to fill my cart at least 4 times because everytime I get the error message it empties my cart. That person cannot figure out the problem so she transferred me to paypal. I talk to two people at paypal that cannot figure out what is going on, so I get transferred to security. The lady proceeds to tell me that I have had a security issue come up on my account. I am never told what the issue is and NEVER knew about it until I'm trying to purchase something; WAY TO GO PAYPAL!! So she proceeds to tell me that they will look into it, only after I have correctly answered some "generated" questions, and that it is going to take 24 to 48 hours. In 24 hours I receive and email that states that my failed purchase request has been completed and that the changes, if any, to my credit account will be posted in 24 to 48 hours. This is SO frustrating. I am 31 hours in and STILL CANNOT MAKE PURCHASES!!! Great way to take care of your customers paypal!! A little communication go a very long way with a lot of people!!

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