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Link to Paypal shipping labels

I had been using a link for the past year or so, but have lost it.   When opened, this link gave the usual-looking sign-in page to Paypal.  When signed in, it took me directly to a form for preparing and purchasing Paypal shipping labels.


This was very useful for making non-ebay shipping labels.  


I requested that Paypal give me this link, but apparently the person answering me never heard of it.  Instead they gave me a procedure going through the Multi Order Shipping.  That will work, but is ridiculously cumbersome for printing one label!   Especially since I KNOW there is a link available that will do exactly what I need.


So, I am asking, please give me this link!    Thank you.


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Re: Link to Paypal shipping labels

I know, it's impossible to find.   You can also type in Google "Paypal Ship Now" and it comes up too.  Here you go:


Paypal Ship Now: