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I want pay

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i want get a gopro 3+ silver..but i don't get a gopro.


I have tried countless payment.


I wanted to buy a Gopro from
$ 181 payment had trying to use Paypal.
But it was not successful.
I tried a lot
Is always the same message was displayed.

The following message was displayed.

We can't process your payment. Please select a different payment method or check your payment details including your billing address.


It was also checking information accurately.
No different.
I want to have a very
Please help me


I want pay


That tells me that PayPal may be blocking your payment to verify either you are you and not someone pretending to be you, or they want to verify they have a vaild card/bank. Just call customer service, they should be able to help you verify yourself and assist with your payment

I want pay


same problem here ,,look what i did 

1- clearded the cach ,using another broswer ,link another cc to my account ,another ebay account ,another pp account ..

2- after calling with pp customer support ,,,,it seems no one knws whats goinging on ...only they say wait 24 hour ...

3- called ebay after 1 hour on the line they kicked me to pp again 

4-pp again kicking me from one to another ( i think i visted all the world usa netherland tunisa philipline lol ) 

5-now last step which i did is trying to use 3rd cc which not linked to my pp ,,

6-use the 3rd cc to buy from ebay but ...the problem still exsit !!!

im now still sitting here waiting reading trying to find one of those supervisors who work in pp maybe ...i say maybe i can find someone who can help n solve our problems n tell us the truth abt whats goinging on !!!

plz if there is someone here in this pp who willing to help us ,,,just shoot us good clear honest brave words 

to be honest with you .....i tried every things n the sellers r waiting but no one seems to care 



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