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Currency exchange rate vanished in mail receipts

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When I placed a payment in DOLLARS using my EURO Paypal account I used to receive a mail recepit from Paypal of the payment that contained, among the other info, the amount paid in DOLLARS, but also the same amount converted in EURO.


Now the amount paid in EURO is not shown anymore in the Paypal mail receipt!


I need every time to enter my Paypal site/account and look for the details of the transcation in order to see what was the amount paid in EURO.


Is this a new bizare feature? Or is it me that I messed up something in my account configuration?!




Currency exchange rate vanished in mail receipts


Hi everyone,


Where can I go to get an Currency exchange paper. I don't want to have to keep  asking  what their money would be in US. Dollars. How do I know if their exchange is correct?  I just go by what they tell me. That would be okay except some of them  don't know either. Please can someone help me? Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.


Thanks, Marla

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