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Changed Phone Number, Now I Can't Complete Purchase.

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I had recieved my payment email from Hobby Link Japan and had clicked the link which would put me through the process of paying for my item. A security wall had shown up from Paypal saying that they would need to contact my phone number, alrighty, no problem. Except there was a problem because the phone number was an outdated one I would not be able to answer. So I updated it to my mobile number without a hitch. Except there was a hitch, now when I go through the process of trying to pay for my item Paypal refuses to send the payment giving me no alternative. I had googled to see if there was anyone else who had the issue to which I came across this thread



Their solution was to use the mobile app, but since the post was in 2012 I assumed the workaround was probably patched out. My assumption was correct. Clearing the cache also did not help. Luckily I have 3 days before my payment time is up but I cannot currently contact Paypal as it is 2AM.  Is there any community member who knows how to tackle this issue in the meantime?


Changed Phone Number, Now I Can't Complete Purchase.

Did you confirm your phone number in your account? And delete your old number?

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