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Can't buy services, because "reasons".


Can't buy services, because "reasons".

I tried buying Gag on Fiverr, unfortunately didn't work out.




Your message says to contact merchant. But I have stinking suspicion it's PayPal, it's always PayPal.

So while I'm in attempt to contact Fiverr support, I write here, if it suddenly produces any solution.

I tried contact support over in my profile. But it got deleted, 'cuz, yolo.


Yes, I do have Initiate payments from the Pay Anyone subtab of the Send Money tab disabled



Re: Can't buy services, because "reasons".

Hi Username10,


I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties.  The error message in your screenshot usually means that a merchant has some sort of payment receiving preferences enabled.  For example, they may not allow payments from certain countries.


It is possible that it could be the PayPal security system too.  For example if a PayPal account appears to have fictitious information like a false name, address or other information, it cause the security system to block a transaction.


We can't directly assist you with your account in this member to member community so if the issue is still unresolved, I must recommend contacting PayPal support directly.  But hopefully this helps to clarify some possible causes for the issue.


- Frank

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