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I have been using paypal for a while and never had any problems until last friday....i was trying to buy an item and it wanted to take it out of my credit card, not my bank account like I have it i cancelled the transaction and tried again..this time it told me I had to update my address(which is the same one I have had since I have been using paypal..I went into my paypal  to check ( everything is set to bank account and address is doubled checked)..after a few emails and about 4 days it it's not working won;t let netflix go through(which is set to bank account)... I have also changed password to be safe..Why is paypal doing this??? 

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Re: unexplained

All we can suggest is that you follow-up with customer support with your concerns. You can contact them via email, phone or through Twitter @AskPayPal or via Private Message on their Facebook page at