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Payments not working on PayPal's end?

New Community Member

Payments not working on PayPal's end?

Hi, I recently have tried to purchase a couple items throughout the week using PayPal, and there seems to be an error on PayPal's end. Two of these purchases ended with error messages both claiming that the error was  with PayPal.

I use a bank account hooked up to PayPal, though both sites accepted this, and one of them had it in their FAQ that they accepted PayPal linked bank payments I first assumed that it was due to some limit on my account as the first failed purchase was almost $300 (, but I later went to eBay and tried buying some really cheap pins to test that it wasn't my account being frozen or something, and the transaction went through.

Just today I tried to purchase an item for $15 and a similar error occurred to the first I had, blaming PayPal. I've purchased items online with higher prices than that so I can assume it isn't a price cap either.

I am pretty confused as to what is going on, so if anyone could provide any insight it would be lovely. I've included screenshots of both error messages as well.

Screenshot (22).pngScreenshot (23).png

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