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Payment from Bank Acct not from Visa

New Community Member

Payment from Bank Acct not from Visa

All my previous purchases had money taken directly from my bank acct (Primary Confirmed).


Now Paypal wants money directly from my Visa.


How can I get it back to taking money from my Bank Acct first and foremost?


Re: Payment from Bank Acct not from Visa

Hi mizey13


When u make a payment are u able to choose other funding source?

Not sure why u are unable to pay from your bank if there are funds

Normally its ppal balance, then bank , then cards


Perhaps u should contact customer service contact tab email us/call us

If u do call dont select any options just hold on until u speak to someone or Twitter @AskPayPal or via Private Message on their Facebook page at

New Community Member

Re: Payment from Bank Acct not from Visa

I set up my bank account; confirmed it according to Paypal instructions; selected bank account for payment; purchased a product; and the charge came off my VISA instead of funds being taken from my bank account. What do I do to ensure (100%) that payments will come out of the Bank Account as I have selected?