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reprinting a shipnow label

New Community Member

reprinting a shipnow label

I need to reprint a shipnow label and the "report a problem" link isn't taking me to a place where that is an option.  Any suggestions?


Volunteer Advisor

Re: reprinting a shipnow label

See if this helps:


* Log in to your PayPal account.

* Click Activity.

* Find and click the PayPal payment for which you created a label.

* Click the Reprint Label link.

* Click Print Label

New Community Member

Re: reprinting a shipnow label

I'm having this problem also and when I click on my transaction under activity it does not give me an option to reprint or void.  I have print details or report a problem, but nowhere reprint or void?  Any ideas...I really need to ship this package and I don't want to have to pay for shipping again Smiley Sad