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customer claims the transaction was unauthorized...


customer claims the transaction was unauthorized...

on June 27, 2017, i sold a desktop computer along with a monitor. We had agreed on $200.00 for both items. He asked me if it was okay that I take $100.00 cash and $100.00 paypal. I said that is fine by me, as long as I can see the money transferred to my account. Meaning, I wanted to see him physically do it in my face while I was giving him both items. It took me 45 minutes to get there. I had to pay for an Uber. I get to his house and knock on the door. He tells me to come in and I place both computer and monitor on his carpet in the living room. He gives me $100.00 cash, and then shows me his cellular phone and I see him send the money to my account. 


The following day. He cancells the transaction claiming it was an "unauthorized transaction". How is that possible when we both confirmed the transaction? He stole $100.00 from me. I am still waiting for paypal to reimburse me the $100.00 to my account but they are currently looking tinto as they say. This was on june 27th. What is taking so long for paypal to resolve this issue? I am not rich. I need those $100.00. Please.

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Re: customer claims the transaction was unauthorized...

When you are not rich you really need to learn how to protect yourself from scams and also spend wisely.

This was an EXTREMELY risky transaction and it appears that the buyer was quite knowedgable about PayPal policies and also smart to about getting a deal. On the other hand, you lacked adequate knowledge about PayPal seller protection polices and failed to follow safe selling practices.

First, the only safe way for an in-person sale is CASH, no exceptions.

Second, when a person pays by PayPal, the buyer can immediately get a refund for non-delivery.

Third, you can't control how a buyer disputes a charge, but you can take steps to protect yourself; you failed at that.

It was extremely risky to walk into a stranger's home with a computer.  Once inside the home the "buyer" could have taken the computer physically and left you injured.

There is no recourse for you with PayPal.

Fortunately, you have $100, unless that is counterfeit.

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Re: customer claims the transaction was unauthorized...

You can call PayPal customer service for an update on the claim.  We are not privy to exactly why PayPal is taking so long but generally they try to settle claims within 30 days.

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