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Unable to pay Invoice with Paypal Credit?

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Hi everyone - I'm trying to figure out why I cannot select Paypal Credit as a paymennt source when trying to pay an invoice. Is there any reason why this could happen? All that is available to me is my linked bank account an debit card. Why is this?


Unable to pay Invoice with Paypal Credit?

Esteemed Advisor

It could be you having PayPal Credit and/or PayPal for just a short time, your transaction history, and degree of success in completing other PayPal transactions, origin of the funds and destination of transaction, and other undisclosed criteria of PayPal's complex internal security system.  It is recommended that you use another payment method to pay.  When PayPal Credit presents itself as a payment method to you, then you may use it.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

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