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Paypal integration with website including milestone


Paypal integration with website including milestone

Hello everyone i need your help.

I have a website which im creating with codeigniter. The site is going to be about freelancers and clients.


You can create an account as a freelancer or as a client.


I want to use paypal as a way of payment between a client and freelancer but also with milestone.


I have read a lot of forums and documentation but i dont think i have found something on this problem.


The integration is going to be like that:


The client sees all the freelancer that has bid to the project, and he chooses one of them.


After the acceptance from both of them, the client pays a milestone(lets say 50%) to our site business account.


So far so good for me, but after here its getting difficult.


From here i need an option to refund the milestone from our site business account back to the freelancer if one of them choose to cancel the project or the agreement.(i dont know if its possible)


Also later when the project is finished the client releases the freelancer, which means he is going to pay the rest of the payment to our site business account and from there all the payment goes to the freelancers paypal account.


Is any way we can do all of this automaticaly? I dont want to log in all the time manually and make payments to freelancers or do refunds, because if there is going to be a lot of projects and payments its not going to be very convenient and also its very easy to do mistakes.


Are all of these that im writing above possible to do? i need your help please,


Thank you.

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Re: Paypal integration with website including milestone

This can be done using the developer APIs, but would require utilizing lots of different APIs.

For example, you could use Express Checkout process the payments from the client to the freelancer. You could use the RefundTransaction API to process refunds back to the client if the order is canceled, but you would need the freelancer to grant permission for your application to do this on their behalf. You could use the PayPal Identity and/or Permissions APIs to help with that.

You might also want to look into Billing Agreements / Reference Transactions which could be useful with a setup like this. Lots of options.

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Re: Paypal integration with website including milestone

I have one question now. If i use the client side checkout button, isnt that insecure?


I mean i tested and it works to make a payment, but if i rewrite from chrome console the javascript with different payment amount or different client id, then the amount can be change as well as the client details, this can be dangerous, am i write?


I dont know if i am doing something wrong there. Can you help me with that?


Im trying to learn about the server side checkout button now but i dont understand what to write in the CREATE_URL or EXECUTE_URL.