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Paypal IRS Investigation


Paypal IRS Investigation



I have tried to update tax information in Paypal but everything shows an error. I have taken screenshots of this and forwarded onto my tax agent who will be forwarding this on to the IRS in my area.


Can you please provide a contact phone number best for the IRS to contact you on?

I have emailed Paypal about 20 times , called a few times and Paypal is unable to add ITIN , update tax information or anything tax related. For this reason I contacted my tax agent with an enquiry for the IRS to follow up on.


To this date , Paypal seems to be refusing to update any tax information and not communicating with the IRS correctly regarding tax payments.

I have tried to fix this with many calls and emails to Paypal , since nothing has been done I've needed to contact my tax agent and IRS to investigate this further.


I really hope you can look into this matter properly and the correct tax information as provided by myself and the IRS.


Early in the new year I will be contacting the IRS directly in addition to my tax agent's efforts.


Re: Paypal IRS Investigation

This is a member forum,we are not Paypal/

consider hiring a lawyer to contact Paypal if needed


Re: Paypal IRS Investigation

Message sent to Paypal below :


I've been advised by a Paypal community forum moderator to have a lawyer call you about this.


What is the best number for a lawyer to call Paypal on about this where he won't have to wait hours? I have called 6 times about this and no-one was able to do anything.


Also , can you please send me an email explaining why tax information cannot be updated. The IRS and my tax agent are also trying to contact Paypal about this.


I'm sure that the IRS have a direct line to Paypal which general users do not have. All of their numbers lead to hours of waiting and staff who cannot help.


I will be contacting the IRS after the new year and a formal investigation will be made about this.


A great number of calls and emails to Paypal and nothing is done.


Re: Paypal IRS Investigation

paypal does not allow users to update their tax information , they tell me I cannot update by email , it cannot be done online because it just shows errors , when calling Paypal no-one answers and when someone does they say I must do it online. I have contacted the IRS with all of the information about this to open an investigation. paypal should be able to accept tax information but instead they just show errors. Is this illegal ?

Re: Paypal IRS Investigation

what information are you trying to update?

some information cannot be revised/

your lawyer should know how to contact Paypal.

call PAYPAL legal dept in CALIFORNIA,LOOK up the phone number