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Calculating Shipping Costs

New Community Member

Calculating Shipping Costs

I am trying to calculate the shipping costs and it is asking for funds before calculating the cost.


I want to shop the rates through here and UPS.  I don't want to provide payment info to just see the cost.


Re: Calculating Shipping Costs will tell you the usps rates

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Calculating Shipping Costs

Typically, PayPal will give you an opportunity to review your label order first which includes displaying the price so you would have a chance to navigate away and not complete the label purchase.

Kudos are greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy
New Community Member

Re: Calculating Shipping Costs

I get this error.  I have cards and bank accounts set up.  This is what I get when I click 'Calculate Shipping Cost'  (There is a 'confirm and pay' button also, that is NOT what I am clicking.)


"Your payment for shipping cannot be processed because it exceeds your available balance. Please add a credit card or bank to your account for completing this label purchase. ERRORCODE-50023"