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How do you verify that a payment is authorized?


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Re: Payment

Hi milan,


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I'm assuming that you are trying to verify that a payment you received is authorized and not a payment you sent?


The PayPal security system is designed to prevent as many unauthorized payments as possible but there is always a chance that a payment sent could have been sent using a stolen credit card, stolen bank or unauthorized use of a PayPal account.


I've pasted our selling tips below from our seller protection page.  You can learn more about seller protection here:


PayPal Seller Protection


From the Safer Selling Tips section on that page:


Unusual Requests and Actions

Always be wary of odd behavior, as it could be an indication of problems to come.

Examples include:

  • People willing to pay any price for a rush delivery
  • Buyers who offer to use their own shipping labels
  • Partial payments sent from multiple PayPal accounts
  • Payments not received in full
  • Payments sent piecemeal from the same PayPal account
  • Invoices sent from unfamiliar businesses

Rare or Expensive Items

It's a good idea to be a little more careful when selling items of high value, especially if the payment is coming from another country. See if your buyer is Verified or has a confirmed address, and find out if PayPal Seller Protection covers your transaction in advance.


The PayPal Seller Protection page has a lot of other great information as well.  I also suggest reviewing  Seller Protection Guide to learn about Seller Protection eligibility.


I hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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