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Limiting my account for no good reason

New Community Member

Limiting my account for no good reason


I'm reaching you regarding an issue that I'm having with my account.

On Friday, 19th of August, my account was limited and I received this message:

"Access to your account has been limited because you didn't provide the
information we requested by 8/19/2016 to comply with EU regulations.



Please provide the requested information as soon as possible. Once all the
steps have been completed, we will review your PayPal account and email you
to let you know if we have sufficient information."


But the documents were in fact sent, checked by your team and I even got an email from Paypal saying that my limits were lifted:


"Dear .......,

Congratulations! Your withdrawal limit has now been lifted. You can now withdraw unlimited funds from your PayPal account.

Yours sincerely,


This must be an error. On my resolution page, all the steps are checked as completed. If I can send more documents or help by any additional information, I would be happy to cooperate. Just please, give me some assistance through this issue, to solve it. Thank you.

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Re: Limiting my account for no good reason

This is a member forum,call paypal customer service