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Instant Update API: CallbackURL is not called in production

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Instant Update API should be available for Express Checkout in live / production mode.


In sandbox mode everything works well

- PayPal requests the URL, and then displays the flat rate shipping options -, 

but in live / production mode PayPal doesn't request the URL at all,

the rest of checkout process works well.


I assured that all requirements are met for CallbackURL in live / production mode:

  • The URL for CallbackURL begins with https.
  • In sandbox mode, everything works well unchanged.
  • The rest of checkout process works well in live / production and sandbox mode.
  • SetExpressCheckout API call is responded with a response indicating success,
    without warnings and a valid, working token.
  • The URL is valid and reachable (from all production PayPal IP addresses).
  • HTTPS is supported by server.
  • CallbackURL doesn't exceed the 1024 single-byte characters limit.
  • CallbackURL contains only valid characters (ASCII only, for being sure).
  • CallbackTimeout is set to maximum allowed value of 6 (seconds).
  • The server responds during the 6 seconds timeout.
  • CallbackVersion is set to 61.0 for full support of all available features.
    (Should the version of calling API also used for Callback version, btw.?)

How can I find out the reason why PayPal in live / production doesn't request the URL?


Correlation ID of a an Express Checkout

which should use Instant Update API (but does not in live / production mode):



Thank you for your answers in advance.

With best regards


Instant Update API: CallbackURL is not called in production

New Community Member

I'm having the same issue. PayPal is not calling my callback url in production. I'm saying that after i've checked the access logs.

This is quite frustraiting, I've spend hours to make it work using the sandbox, and then even some more hours investingating in production.

PayPal Express Checkout API is such a waist of time.

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