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How do I go about Selling A Program and Instantly Authenticating with Purchase

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How do I go about Selling A Program and Instantly Authenticating with Purchase

So, I am selling a program for the chat site, a roomhelper basically.

Now I obfuscated the program so the source can't be readily viewed and shared when purchased, but as an additional precaution, I added a verification system where the user is authenticated by providing their Hardware ID. In other words, if your Hardware ID is not on the whitelist on my website, then you are unable to use the bot.

Now, I set up a paypal payment system, but once payment is received, I have to manually whitelist their HWID.

What I want to do is the following:

Make it so once you purchase "Room Helper," it automatically asks for your HWID, and immediately authenticates it; essentially the whole process would be automatic.

But for some reason I can't find a way to do it on any of the tutorials

Like one way of doing it would be once it purchased it it set the boolean purchasedBot to true instead of the default false, and then checks if purchasedBot= true then it offers the form for HWID...

Or maybe ask for HWID beforehand and after the purchased whitelist it?

I don't know,

Please help


Re: How do I go about Selling A Program and Instantly Authenticating with Purchase

Hello, I'm going through the same process myself. This might be what you are looking for:


Introduction to IPN:

"Instant Payment Notification (IPN) is a message service that notifies you of events related to PayPal transactions. You can use IPN messages to automate back-office and administrative functions, such as fulfilling orders, tracking customers, or providing status and other transaction-related information."


"The notifications are sent to a listener page on your server which receives the messages and performs backend processing based on the message content."


Implementing an IPN listener:

"IPN listeners can be implemented in any programming language that supports scripting and runs on your web server."


Sample code for the IPN listener

I am using the php version, and testing it from a Paypal sandbox. It works! Lots of work still ahead though. The sample code just confirms that Paypal is able to communicate with your script, and you can receive the notifications. You need to add your own code for whatever tasks need to be done, based on the notification you received.


IPN Simulator

Not sure if this is part of the sandbox or not. It sends a notification to your script, but seems to indicate that everything is working fine, even if your script is not working at all. However, the sample scripts have a debug mode that saves a log of the communication with Paypal. You can check if the log file was created ( for the php version, the file is  'ipn.log').


In the simulator you need to use the full url of your script  "http://www.etc..". I was leaving out "http://" and spent some time trying to figure out why it didn't work. It doesn't tell you there's problem with the url you typed in, so you think that maybe your script isn't working.


Re: How do I go about Selling A Program and Instantly Authenticating with Purchase

Hi tinychatpatrol,


mickleham_walt has posted the best option for making this work.  But I wanted to add you may want to take a look at some of the IPN variables available.  These would be passed over to PayPal from your site so the customer could enter the hardware ID into your website and you could include that information to PayPal for the checkout.  We would then include in the IPN  to your server.


The "custom" variable might be a good choice for this but there are probably other options that would work too.




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