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Activating Digital Goods for a Business Account with PayPal Payment Advanced


Activating Digital Goods for a Business Account with PayPal Payment Advanced

Hi all,

I have a Business account configured with PayPal Payment Advanced payment solution.


I want to start selling Digital Goods to gain the benefits of the Micro Payments rates, but whenever i start signing up to the program I don't receive the option that the guide "paypal digital goods-express checkout getting started" explains at page 8.

The guide states:
Once you have a Business account, you’re ready to set up PayPal for Digital Goods – Express Checkout

  • Go to My Accounts
  • Click My Business Setup
  • Check whether Digital Goods is listed as the payment solution
  • Click Change if Digital Goods is not listed as the payment solution
  • Select Digital Goods and click Start Now

Unfortunatly I have no option to change my payment solution, and button "Start Now" doesn't  activate them either.
Are Digital Goods saleable by my account? How can I manage to activate the program?
Finally a small techincal detail.
All APIs invoked to setup Digital payments answer as following:
TIMESTAMP=2014-01-30T16:13:06Z&CORRELATIONID=3d7092525a21e&ACK=Failure&VERSION=84.0&BUILD=8620107&L_ERRORCODE0=10004&L_SHORTMESSAGE0=Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details.&L_LONGMESSAGE0=You are not signed up to accept payment for digitally delivered goods.&L_SEVERITYCODE0=Error
Please Help, any of them would be really appreciated.